Welcome to cheek2cheek productions:


cheek2cheek productions is an independent production company that makes short films, stages concerts and produces theatre events - and always with gay subject-matter or sensibility. We have produced and directed three short films which have been seen at film festivals all over the world. We have commissioned a song-cycle based on the homoerotic love poetry of Walt Whitman and staged it in London's West End. We have produced concerts ranging from "The Secret Heart" - songs of some of the greatest gay song-writers of the 20th century, staged in London's jewel-like museum Leighton House - to Barb Jungr, London's "Queen of Cabaret", live in concert in the extraordinary surroundings of the Royal Institute. Click on the links above for more information. 

If it's a cheek2cheek production, it's not an ordinary production....

    The Sleeping Beauty of East Finchley

We are very excited that our latest film - "The Sleeping Beauty of East Finchley" - has now been completed and had its world premiere at the Verzaubert Film Festival, Germany's largest gay and lesbian film festival, where they screened it in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne. 

The film has also received a wonderful review on the film website "Shadows on the Wall".

"Beautifully shot and edited, this tender drama ambitiously tells its story with openly emotional acting and music..... The warm, gentle pace and elegantly slow-paced music perfectly match the honest story and characters. And this is what sets it apart from the usual whizzy, gimmicky one-off dramas out there. Not to mention the fact that it's rare to see a film so sensitively approach sexuality from the perspective of a 40-something woman."

Watch a trailer now!!


Chanson Encore! is a live concert featuring Barb Jungr at her best! Barb sings two sets of songs before a live audience at the Blue Hours cabaret venue at Greenham. Barb is renowned for her unique vocal style, approach to arrangements and interpretation of song. Her acclaimed releases on Linn Records and performances have brought her to the world stage and revealed her to be one of Europe's most exciting voices.

Ginger Beer is a romantic comedy set in the world of ballroom dancing. The central character is Paul, a rather insecure gay teacher at an agricultural college. He gets a hard time from his students – not only because they suspect he is gay but also because they find out he is secretly taking ballroom dancing lessons. His life then takes a major turn for the better when he discovers a gay dance studio run by Linda, a glamorous lesbian dancing teacher
John is a rather shy guy. He goes to a hot, sweaty club late on a Saturday night and spots a guy he fancies. He takes his courage into his hands and tries to chat him up at the bar but gets a brutal put-down. Retreating to the toilets to recover, John meets an Angel (it happens all the time). The Angel gives him a magic ring and tells him how to use it to get his revenge on the guy at the bar.
What sound does a heart make when it cracks? Is there any music that can replicate it? Chris goes to the club with his boyfriend, Jude. It’s just another Saturday night out – a few drinks, some laughs, a workout on the dance floor. But it’s not just another Saturday night. It’s a night Chris will never be able to forget. The Judas Kiss tells its story entirely through images, without the help of dialogue. The story bounces back and forth in time as Chris’s emotional response to the events of the night unravels.

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